Automatic Feeders For Aquariums

If you are planning for a trip, you will have to ensure that those fishes in the aquariums are well taken care of. For this, you must pair your aquarium with an automatic feeder. If you do not know which one will be the best, you can check the below-mentioned points:

Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder

This is one of the best automatic fish feeders for aquariums. The good thing about Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder is that it is fully customizable and there are different feeding times that you can program at your convenience. You can even adjust the feeding amounts. Talking about the type of fish food, well, you can use any dry fish food with this automatic fish feeder. You can load fish food up to 100ml and this is adequate to feed a lot of fish for up to 1 month. The digital display will let you know everything about the device. Yes, it will give a warning alert if the battery level remains low. Moreover, it will let you know how much food is left. Unfortunately, you cannot use this automatic fish feeder with those lidded fish tanks.

Penn-Plax Daily Double II Automatic Fish Feeder

This is another automatic fish feeder that you can have for your aquarium. It is a very compact and budget-friendly automatic fish feeder. It is coming from the house of Penn-Plax that is a renowned company. Therefore, in terms of durability, you will get satisfactory results. It is basically battery operated automatic fish feeder that can feed your fish every 12 hours. Talking about the capacity, well, it can hold foods for up to 4 weeks. You can use almost all types of dry fish foods. This feeder comes with an adjustable clamp through which you can easily set it to the edge or it can be also used as free-standing. If we talk about the negative aspect, well, it does not have any digital display. Apart from it, you will not get many options for customization.

Current USA 3860 Aquachef Automatic Fish Feeder- Premium Choice

It is one of the premium automatic fish feeders and so, you will get a lot of options with this fish feeder. You can use almost all types of dry foods and there is a hopper that actually stirs the fish food internally. There is a digital display that can give you all the important information. There is also a manual feeding button. It also comes with double-sided tape and a mounting bracket and so, you can use it with lidded aquariums.

So, these are the best automatic feeders for aquariums.

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