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Satellite T235-S1350RD Sale, Toshiba eCoupons, Buy T235-S1350RD

T235-S1350RD (Discontinued)

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Description: T235-S1350RD Discontinued

Satellite T235-S1350RD is an ultraportable laptop from Toshiba. This is a prebuilt system. It has been designed to be lightweight and to have good battery life. Model T235-S1350RD is ideal for travelers and for casual computer users.

Satellite T235-S1350RD is powered by a low-voltage Intel Pentium processor. This processor allows the system to have good battery life and to be ultra-thin in its profile.

The computer has a 13.3-inch display. This is a good display size for travel as it's small and easy to carry. The display is LED backlit. This helps extend battery life while at the same time provides for better and brighter lighting.

An HDMI port is a nice amenity to have, especially on a laptop with a small display screen. The HDMI port allows graphics to be displayed on a larger display.

Toshiba model T235-S1350RD lacks an optical drive. This is common among ultraportable laptops, as the primary function is to be light and mobile. Taking out the optical drive is one such way of doing this. An external optical drive can be purchased separately.

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