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The Satellite Pro laptop family is a line of portable business computing solutions. These notebooks are built to be mobile and dependable. Satellite Pro laptop models are ideal for small and medium businesses. They are more budget oriented, featuring entry-level and mid-level performance machines. For power and performance, consider Toshiba's Tecra line of laptops.

There are four different series within the Satellite Pro family of laptops. Each series caters to a different consumer segment and function. All Satellite Pro laptop models are preconfigured and are ready to be shipped out upon order.

Satellite Pro L640 Series - Mobile Performance

Satellite Pro L640-EZ1412
Prebuilt Intel System

Satellite Pro L640-EZ1411
Prebuilt Intel System

Satellite Pro C650 Series - Business Value

Satellite Pro C650-EZ1523
Prebuilt Intel System