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The Satellite family is Toshiba's most popular line of laptops. There are more than 10 Satellite series, each focusing on a specific consumer demographic or function. Find and customize a Satellite notebook based on budget or on need. There are plenty of different styles and hardware options to choose from. Free shipping is offered on orders of more than $499.

Every week Toshiba publishes new special offers on the Internet for select Satellite laptops. These systems may be discounted or may be bundled with free hardware upgrades. Take advantage of these Web promotions by regularly checking this website. Toshiba ecoupons are consistently updated to provide consumers with the latest deals.

To help shoppers research the various Satellite laptop, we've categorized Toshiba's Satellite family into the various series available. Note that some Satellite series are customizable and some are not. Select Satellite series have Toshiba's Fusion Finish, a premium design.

Toshiba Online Store

These laptops are available directly from Toshiba. They include the most current prebuilt and customizable models.

Satellite P840 Series - Mobile Performance

Satellite P840T-ST4N02
Prebuilt Intel System

Satellite P850 Series - Premium Performance

Satellite P850-ST2N03
Prebuilt Intel System

Satellite P870 Series - Premium Widescreen

Satellite P870-BT2G22
Customizable Intel System

Satellite P870-ST4GX1
Prebuilt Intel System

Satellite U840W Series - Cinematic Ultra-Widescreen Ultrabook

Satellite U845W-S4180
Prebuilt Intel System

Satellite U920t Series - Two-in-One Ultrabook

Satellite U925T-S2120
Prebuilt Intel System