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Description: Precision T7600 Workstation

The Dell Precision T7600 workstation is an excellent workstation that can come with features loaded with overflowing capacity to give you performance that can tackle the most challenging and complicated tasks. First of all, we have a number of high end 8 core Intel Xeon processors and up to a staggering 512GB of quad-channel ECC memory for handling of several extremely sophisticated tasks ad applications simultaneously. To even accelerate the accomplishment of the tasks the Intel Advanced Vector Extensions and Intel Turbo Boost Technology are included into this workstation. USB 3.0 ports are available to give you 10X faster data transfers as compared to USB 2.0 ports. You have a choice to opt for a Genuine Windows 7 Professional or a Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate operating system for your workstation.

The best attribute of the Dell Precision T7600 workstation is its capacity to accommodate future product innovations to make it more versatile and more adaptable and perform even better. This unit is endowed with several features to make it a versatile addition to your infrastructure. Its interior gives you easier ways to access components for replacement. This unit can easily be moved from place to place with its built in front and rear aluminum handles. It also has a split chassis design to separate the power supply and hard drives from the motherboard and graphics making the components properly ventilated and easily be accessed for repairs or service. It has a lockable front bezel and power supply to give you sole access to your unit. It also has an easy rack mounting, with rack rails that attach directly to the system.

Another powerful feature incorporated into the Dell Precision T7600 workstation is the inclusion of powerful NVIDIA (up to an NVIDIA Quadro 6000) and AMD (up to an AMD FirePro V7900) GPUs to give this workstation the power to handle extremely complex graphics applications. This unit can handle up to two NVIDIA Tesla C2075 GPGPUs that support Nvidia Maximus technology. The unique Reliable Memory Technology of Dell included here rids this unit of memory errors ensuring your next computing experience will run more smoothly giving you consistent, optimal and reliable uptime.

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